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The prestigious department of Statistics was established in 1950 at UG level under Agra University, Agra. Later on, PG classes were started from 1960. Since then, the department is serving this auspicious semi-urban region and imparting quality education in the field of Statistics and Agricultural Statistics. Research activities are also going on in the department in different areas viz. reliability analysis, design of experiments, reliability estimation, software reliability, demography etc. we have on enriched list of alumni also.

Master Degree Programme (M.Sc)
This is a 2-year / 4-semester programme. The courses offered in M.Sc Statistics include:

Semester I:
H-1032:Probability Theory
H-1033:Statistical Distributions
H-1034:Sampling Techniques
Any one of the following:
H-1035 :(a) Computer Fundamentals and Fortran Programming:
H-1036:(b) Computer Fundamentals and Programming in C Language
H-532: Practical
Semester II:
H-2032 :Design of Experiments and Linear Estimation
H-2033: Inference I- Theory of Estimation and Testing of Hypothesis
H-2034: Matrices and Linear Difference Equations
H-2035: Real & Complex Analysis
H-632: Practical
Semester III:
H-3032: Inference II- Interval Estimation, Sequential Analysis & Non-Parametric Inference
H-3033: Engineering Statistics: Quality Control & Reliability Theory
H-3034: Operations Research- I
H-3035:Any one of the following:
(a) Decision Theory & Bayesian Inference
(b) Stochastic Process & Survival Analysis
H-732: Practical
Semester IV:
H-4032: Multivariate Analysis
H-4033: Economic Statistics & Demography
H-4034:Operations Research-II
H-4036:Any one of the following:
(a) Computer Oriented Statistical Methods
(b) Advanced Experimental Designs
H-832: Practical
Examination & Evaluation
(a) Internal assessment (written tests, quizzes, term papers, home assignments and seminars etc)shall be a continuous process in each semester. weightage 50 marks each paper
(b) External assessment (Examination at the end of each semester) shall be based on the question papers set by the external examiners and will be of 50 marks each
One practical course of 100 marks in each semester

Bachelor Degree Programme (B.Sc)
This is a 3-year programme. The courses offered in B.Sc Statistics include:
First Year:
Paper I : Probability
Paper II : Probability distributions and Numerical Analysis
Paper III Statistical Methods
Practicals based on above papers
Second Year:
Paper I : Statistical Inference
Paper II : Survey Sampling
Paper III : Analysis of Variance and Design of Experiment.
Practicals based on above papers
Third Year:
Paper 1 : Non-parametric Methods and Regression Analysis
Paper II : Applied Statistics
Paper III : Operations Research
Practicals based on above papers

Other facilities in the department:
  • A dedicated library comprising around 400 books and journals
  • A computer laboratory with Net working
  • Total No. of Computers in the department:15
  • One LCD Projector
  • Two three in one printer and one other printer
  • Number of Seats for M.Sc I and M.Sc II: 20 each
  • One complete section each for B.Sc I, B.Sc II and B.Sc III

Five Years of academic achievements:
  • One of our faculty Shri Shiv Kumar has completed his Ph.D degree
  • Published 30 research papers
  • Four Research Scholars awarded Ph.D degree and two have submitted the thesis to CCS University Meerut for the award of Ph.D and two research scholars are working
  • Purchased SYSTAT-13 software for four users

Some distinguished faculty and former Head of Department are as follows:
  1. Late Dr. Mahendra Pratap Kulshretha
  2. Late Dr. Sukhpal Singh
  3. Dr. R.P.S. Verma
  4. Shri Mohkam Singh

# Name Designation Qualification  Specialisation        Phone / Mobile  
1. Dr. A.K. Kaushik Associate Professor & Head M.Sc, Ph.D Operations Research, Design of Experiments, Probability Distribution 91 01234-262457
91 9411821884
2. Dr. Satish Chand Sharma Associate Professor M.Sc, M.Phil, PhD Statistical Inference, Multivariate Distributions, Reliability Analysis, Reliability Estimation 91 9457673904
3. Dr. Shiv Kumar Assistant Professor M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D Reliability 91 0120-2621353
91 9868645990
4. Sri Rajiv Kumar Assistant Professor M.Sc, M.Phil. 91 9410887682


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