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The prestigious department of Zoology was established in 1961 at U.G. level under Agra University Agra . Later on P.G. classes were started from 1963. Since then the department has been serving in an auspicious semi urban region and imparting quality education in the field of zoology. Research activities are also going on in the department in different areas viz- fish and fisheries, entomology, parasitology and limnology etc. We have an enriched list of alumni also.


The department of zoology, J.V. College Baraut is lodged in a magnificent building which spreads over 920 m2. The double storey building of the department has one laboratory for the undergraduate and two laboratories for the post graduate students. The department has its own departmental library with over 1000 books and a reading room for the post graduate students and faculty members. The department has a well equipped research laboratory where several faculty members and research scholars are engaged in basic and advanced research and are enriching the knowledge stock of life sciences in this rural belt of western Uttar Pradesh. The department has a separate room for the head of the department and a staff room for the faculty members. The department has a lecture room, a well furnished museum with rare specimens and models. The faculty members and research scholars are engaged in collecting and preserving the rare fauna. The department has a store room, a sitting chamber for lab assistant, separate toilets for boys, girls and faculty members. In order to augment the academic excellence among the faculty members, the department has two computers with internet facility, an LCD projector, three overhead projectors and one slide projector, one projection microscope and three research microscopes. We have a long list of instruments from the ancient string microtome to modern advanced microtome, several ovens, one BOD incubator, two centrifuges, and a variety of glassware from distilled water apparatus to advanced TLC apparatuses. The laboratories are full of the chemicals required in the course practical and research purposes. The department has full potential to enter and excel in any advanced research field of zoology.


Since beginning the department is lucky in having the distinguished and dedicated faculty members. They were lamps who enlightened the students and society for a very long time. Dr. B.S.Gariya joined the department in 1958 as HOD. With him two more teachers ,Dr. O.P.Singh and Dr.A.P.singh joined the department. Later on Dr. Rajvir Singh Joined the department in 1964 as head. Dr. B.S. Baliyan also joined the department in the same year. In 1965 Dr. O.P.Ahlawat joined the department. In 1968 Dr. Digendra Pal Singh and Dr, Virendra Singh Tomar joined the department. Dr. O.P.Bhargav joined the department in 1969. The department was later on joined by Dr. Indraj Singh Tomar, Dr. Joseph Methew ,Dr. P.P.singh and Dr. Ram Kirshan Upadhayaya in 1971. After few years Dr. Joseph Methew got an opportunity in U.K so he left the department after two years of his joining. .Various gifted personalities also served in the department for short periods in place of some teachers who went on study leave. In 1972 Dr. Raghubir Singh joined the department and in 1973 Dr. P.R.Boora joined as faculty member. The department was served by these people for many years. After the sudden demise of Dr.O.P. Singh in1990 and retirement of Dr.Rajvir Singh and Dr.B.S.Baliyan in 2000 the department felt some shortage of faculty but Sh. Harishvir and Dr. Arvind Kumar joined as faculty members in 2001 under the headship of Dr. V.S. Tomar and the department’s requirements were fulfilled completely. The department also got an adhoc faculty member in the form of Dr. Amar Pal Singh in 2002. After the retirement of five faculty members namely Dr.Digendra Pal Singh, Dr.Virendra Singh Tomar, Dr. Indraraj Singh Tomar, Dr. P.P.Singh and Dr. RamKrishna Upadhyaya , the department again felt shortage of faculty members but in 2010 two more faculty members joined the department in the form of Dr.Laxman Singh Gautam and Sh. Harish Kumar. In 2011 three well qualified members joined the department as Dr. Anil kumar, Sh Heera Lal and Dr. Devendra Pal Singh . Presently the following faculty members are glowing in the department.

  • Dr. P.R.Boora M.Sc. M.Phil. Ph.D.
  • Raghubir Singh M.Sc.
  • Dr. Arvind Kumar M.Sc.NET. Ph.D.
  • Dr.Amar Pal Singh M.Sc. Ph.D.
  • Sh. Harishvir M.Sc.NET. M.Phil.
  • Dr. Laxman Singh Gautam M.Sc. M.Phil. Ph.D.
  • Sh. Harish Kumar M.Sc. M.Phil.
  • Dr. Anil Kumar M.Sc. Ph.D.
  • Sh. Heera Lal M.Sc. M.Phil.
  • Dr. Devendra Pal Singh M.Sc. Ph.D.
    Presently the department is gifted in the form of six teachers as Ph.D degree holders, seven as M.Phil. degree holders and two NET qualified.

    Courses offered by the Department:

    Master degree program (M.Sc.)
    This is a two year / four semester program. The courses offered in M.Sc. Zoology include –
    Semester I:
    Course I: Economic Zoology &
    Course II: Evolutionary Biology
    Course III: Non chordata
    Course IV: Cell and molecular biology
    Practical based on the above
    Semester II:
    Course V: Biostatistics and bio informatics
    Course VI: Genetics
    Course VII: Mammalian physiology
    Course VIII: Biochemistry
    Practical based on the above
    Semester III:
    Course IX: Chordata
    Course X: Developmental Biology
    Course XI: Environmental Biology
    Course XII: Animal Behavior
    Practical based on the above
    Semester IV:
    Course XIII: General fish biology
    Course XIV: Morphology and physiology of fishes
    Course XV: Fish culture and importance of fishery sciences
    Course XVI: Applied fisheries
    Practical based on the above
    Examination & Evaluation
    (a) Internal assessment (written tests, quizzes, term papers, home assignments and seminars etc)shall be a continuous process in each semester. weightage 50 marks each paper
    (b) External assessment (Examination at the end of each semester) shall be based on the question papers set by the external examiners and will be of 50 marks each
    One practical course of 100 marks in each semester

    Bachelor degree program (B.Sc.) This is a 3-year programme. The courses offered in B.Sc Zoology include:
    First Year:
    Paper – I : Lower Non chordate
    Paper – II : Higher Non chordate
    Paper III Cell Biology and Genetics
    Practicals based on papers I – III
    Second Year:
    Paper I :Chordata
    Paper II : Developmental biology
    Paper III : Molecular biology and tools techniques
    Practicals based on papers I – III
    Third Year:
    Paper 1 :Evolution and animal behaviour
    Paper II : Biochemistry and physiology
    Paper III : Biotechnology
    Practicals based on papers I – III

  • Syllabus for M.Sc and B.Sc can be seen on

    # Name Designation Qualification  Specialisation        Phone / Mobile  
    1. Dr. Arvind Kumar Sr. Lecturer Ph.D Ichthyology and Entomology 91 0120-2649109
    91 09411664374
    2. Shri H.V. Singh Lecturer M.Sc, M.Phil
    3. Dr. Laxman Singh Gautam Lecturer M.Phil; Ph.D Fish and Fisheries 91 09760003498
    4. Shri Harish Kumar Lecturer M.Sc, M.Phil Fish and Fisheries 91 09557406769
    5. Dr. Anil Kumar Lecturer Ph.D Entomology 91 09412361543
    6. Shri Heera Lal Lecturer M.Sc, M.Phil Parasitology 91 09411692347
    7. Dr. Devendra Pal Singh Lecturer Ph.D Entomology 91 09410413525
    8. Dr. Amar Pal Singh Assistant Professor Ph.D Fisheries 91 9411081203

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