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The Department of Agronomy is one of the oldest departments of the College and was established in 1956 at degree level and later on it was upgraded at PG level during 1961. Dr. Har Pal Singh was the first Head of this department w.e.f. 9.7.1960 to 31.7.1963. After that Dr. Mahak Singh was appointed as Head of the Department on 1.8.1963and remained upto 30.6.1999. Later on Dr. Ram Niwas, Dr. H.P. Singh, Dr. Antar Pal, and Dr. Om Prakash have remained as the Head of department. At present Dr. Om Pal Singh is working as Head of the department w.e.f 27.10.2005. Since then, the Department of Agronomy actively participated in the Teaching & Research. Teaching and Research has always been important parts of the academic activities.


Class room, Laboratory, Museum and Library :

There are separate class rooms for M. Sc. (Ag) I Sem. & Sem. III and for BSc(Ag) classes. The Department has two lecture room and seminar cum lecture room. One well arranged museum containing seeds of different crops and varieties, manures & fertilizers, fungicides insecticides and herbicides. Besides this, there is a separate Departmental library for students of P.G. classes. It contains 1140 books of national and international levels.

Computer Facility:

The department has computer facility for the faculty, P.G. and research students with Wi-FI Internet connection. There is a back up of inverter of 3.5 KVA and a 7.5 KVA generator in case of power breakdown. A central facility of 65 KVA generator is also available in the college for regular use.


All necessary and routine equipments for teaching and research viz Chlorimeter, Centrifuge, Conductivity bridge, Computer, Analytical balance, Anemometer, Auger, Dumpy level, Digital Top loading balance, Electronics Disc Calculator Moscal-01402, Flame Photometer, Gas Generator, Flame Photometer with compressive system, Gypsum block with Soil moisture meter, Incubator, Infrometer, Kjeldahl Digestion and Distillation operation complete, Levelling staff, Moisture meter, Maize sheller, Oven TV-30 model , pH meter, Parshell Flume, PotatoDigger, Pulverizer, Penetrometer, Printer, Refctometer, Seed Germinator, Tensiometer, Vernier Calliper, Voltage Transformer, Measuring Chains, Hot air oven, Planimeter, Thermometer, Hand Compressor sprayer, Sacchrometer, Grinding Mill, Sprayers and Dusters, Muffle furnisher, Estivenson screen, Over Head Projector, Projection screen, UPS & Spectrometer are present and regularly used.

Excursions and Tours:

Excursions are under taken to create the interest among the students for practical approach of the subject. These programme are also part of P.G. courses to acquaint the students with latest know-how and dimensions in the field of Agronomy. These tour programmes are arranged to GBPUAT Pant Nagar, SVBPUAT Modipuram, IARI, New Delhi, CCSHAU Hissar and CSWCRTI, Dehradun to enrich the students about practical approach in the subject.


The Department of Agronomy of this College has always been as active centre of research. The first Ph.d. degree was awarded to Dr. Antar Pal in 1976 under supervision of Dr. Ram Niwas. Since then, the trend is continued.

Seminar organized –A national Seminar on Teaching Agronomy was organized by the Department of Agronomy during 1977 in collaboration with Indian Society of Agronomy New Delhi. The seminar was sponsored by ICAR, New Delhi.


ICAR Research Award

The prestigious Jawahar Lal Nehru Research award on his out-standing research work was given to Dr. Ram Niwas in 1977 by ICAR on the topic “ Yield water relations, allocation of scarce water to cereals, pulses and oilseed crops”

ICAR Award on Publications

Dr. Rajendra Prasad Award was given to Dr. Om Prakash by ICAR on writing a book on” Principles of Agronomy and Field Crops” during 1987.

Courses offered at P.G. level(w.e.f Academic Session. 2010-11)

Semester I

Code                 Course

J-1004               Biostatistics & Computer application

J-1005               Modern Concept in Crop Production

J-1006               Field Crops - I

J-1007               Management of Problem Soils

J-505               Practical

Semester II

Code                 Course

J-2004               Principles and Practices of Water Management

J-2005               Soil Fertility and Fertilizer uses

J-2006               Rabi Crops

J-2007               Statistical Methods in Agriculture

J-605                Practical

Semester III

Code                 Course

J-3005               Soil Conservation and Water Management

J-3006               Advanced weed Management

J-3007               Agronomy of Forage, Fodder, Medicinal & Aromatic Crops

J-3008               Organic Farming

J-705                Practical

Semester IV

Code                 Course

J-4005               Sustainable Agriculture

J-4006               Dry Land Agriculture

J-4007               Crop Ecology and Geography

J-4008               Seed Production Agronomy

J-805                Practical

J-Thesis (Optional)

Courses offered at UG Level( w.e.f.Academic Session 2011-12)


           C-ll       Principles of Agronomy

           C-Vl     Agriculture meteorology


            C-l        Irrigation and water management


           C-V      Cereals , millets and pulses (Field crops –kharif crops)

           C-lV     Environmental  Science  &  Agro ecology

           C-VIII   Practical  Crop Production


           C-I        Oil Seeds, Commercial Crops (Field Crops II -Rabi Crops)

           C-III    Principles of Soil Physics and Conservation


           C-V     Weed Management

Sem- VI

           C-IV      Farming System, Sustainable Agriculture

                         Crop Planning and Farm Management

Sem- VII

                        Rural Agriculture work experience. All Departments related in field. 




        C-I    Rainfed Agriculture-Dry Land Farming and Watershed Management


       C-II   Silviculture, Agro –forestry and Special forestry.

# Name Designation Qualification  Specialisation        Phone / Mobile  
1. Dr. O.P. Singh Reader & Head M.Sc (Ag) Agro, Ph.D Soil and Water Management, Cropping System, Potato Agronomy 91 01234-260539
2. Dr. Jaibeer Tomar Sr.Lecturer M.Sc (Ag) Agro, Ph.D Weed Science (M.Sc. (Ag.) and Ph.D. both) 91 09358793983
3. Dr. Hari Shankar Lecturer M.Sc (Agro.),Ph.D Water Management 91 9412564982
4. Dr. Tejveer Singh Tomer Assistant Professor M.Sc (Ag) Agro, Ph.D Agronomy 91 001234 - 244164
91 9411641346
5. Dr. Savita Tomar Assistant Professor M.Sc (Ag) Agro, Ph.D Agronomy 91 001234 - 263083
91 7669456178


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