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The Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding (Formerly Agriculture Botany) Janta Vedic College, Baghpat affiliated to C.C.S. University, Meerut, is one of the very old and leading department in the country. The M. Sc. Ag (Agriculture Botany) was started in 1959 at this college. Dr. B. Prasad was the founder Head of the department. Later on Dr.B.S. Chaudhary,Dr.Dhirendra Singh, Dr.Ravindra Singh took over this position and Prof. Ashok Chaudhary is present Head of this department.

The department has primary responsibility for teaching and research with well-equipped laboratories and experimental area for graduation (B. Sc. Ag.), post-graduation (M. Sc. Ag.) and doctorate (Ph. D.) programme.The department has distinguished faculty with strong and excellence teaching with the support of OHP and LCD Projectors and wide variety interdisciplinary research work on relevant aspects.

Salient Achievement: The department of Genetics and Plant Breeding (Agricultural Botany) of Janta Vedic College, Baraut, has produced a galley of teachers, scientists, directors, principals, managers etc. Some of the notable ones include Dr.Bhag Mal, Dr.G.S.Sirohi, Dr. O.K.Garg, Dr.Sultan Singh, Dr.S.P.Singh, Dr.R.P.S. Dhaka, Dr.Yogendra Singh, Dr.Jitendra Singh, Dr.Dhirendra Singh and so on. From the inception, till date around 900 students have passed out with post graduate degree, out of which 450 took and completed M. Sc. Ag thesis work, thereby, further strengthening the research components and interests in a very vital field of agricultural science. As on date more than 90 research scholars obtained their Ph. D. degree from this department and some of them are occupying prominent positions. It is worthwhile to mention here that among the presently enrolled seven research scholars are those who have qualified the prestigious CSIR fellowship for pursuing their Ph. D. programme in the department.


Classroom, Laboratory and Library

There are separate class rooms (theory) for previous and final PG students.The Department has two lecture rooms and seminar cum lecture room. Well-equipped functional lab for plant physiology, cytology and genetics, plant breeding, seed technology and biotechnology.There is a separate departmental library for students of P.G. classes. It contains 1100 books of national and international standard. In addition to the books, the department subscribed Indian Journal of Agricultural Research ICAR, New Delhi and Journal of Food Legume Research,IIPR, Kanpur for the students actively engaged in research work. Besides the department journal, the staff members of the department have the life membership of the following journals which are also available in the departmental library for the research student:

1.     Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding, IARI, New Delhi

2.     Indian Journal of Plant Genetic Resources , NBPGR, New Delhi

3.     Journal of Lentil Research , IARI, New Delhi

4.     Seed Research, IARI, New Delhi

5.     New Agriculturist, Bioved Society, Allahabad

6.     Journal of community mobilization and sustainable development, New Delhi

7.     Journal of Ornamental Horticulture, IARI, New Delhi

8.     Indian Journal of Plant Physiology, IARI, New Delhi

9.     Journal of Forage Research , CCSU, Hissar

10.   Journal of Plant development Sciences, Meerut (Annual subscription)

11.   Indian Journal of Pulses Research, IIPR, Kanpur

To update and upgrade the knowledge of students, professors of the department arranging regularly annual report of ICAR, New Delhi and NRC Plant Biotechnology, IARI,New Delhi.

Computer Facility:

The department has Computer facility for the faculty, P.G. and Research students With WI-FI Internet connection. There is a 1.4 KVA inverter as an alternative source of power. A central facility of 65 KVA is also available in the college.


All necessary and routine equipment for teaching and research students microscope, camera lucida, vernier calipers, water distillation unit, laminar airflow, microwave oven, seed germinator, microtome,steam distillation unit(for essential oil extraction), pH meter, autoclave, Centrifuge, overhead projector, LCD projector, Conductivity meter, Computer with printer cum scanner cum photocopier, electronic balance, BOD incubator, electronic calculator, mixer-grinder, pan balance, refrigerator, micropipettes,Gas stove (LPG) present and regularly used.

Excursions and Tours:

Excursions are under taken to create the interest among the students in Practical approach of the subject. These are also part of P.G. courses, to acquaint the students with latest knowledge of the new dimensions in the field of Genetics and Plant Breeding. These tour programmes are arranged to GBPUAT Pant Nagar, SVBPUAT Modipuram, IARI, New Delhi, CCSHAU Hissar and DWR, Karnal,NRC Plant Biotechnology, IARI, New Delhi to enrich the students about practical approach in the subject.


A national Seminar organized by the Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding on "Medicinal and Aromatic Plants: Global Perspective"held at JV College Baraut during 17-18 Feb 2006

PG Dissertatations:

The students of PG classes are offered dissertation work in lieu of two compulsory course. But at present, it is optional. More than 150 students have offered dissertation work and completed.

Courses offered at Master Degree Program (w.e.f.2010-11)

This is a 2- year (4- semester) programme. The courses offered in M.Sc.(Ag) Agriculture Botany (Genetics & Plant Breeding)include:


1.     Statistical Methods for Agriculture

2.     General Genetics

3.     Cytological &Cyto-genetics

4.     Principles and Methods of Plant Breeding



1.     Plant Genetic Resources: Conservation & Sustainable Use

2.     Diseases & Pests of Crop Plants & their Management

3.     Computers & Bioinformatics

4.     Molecular Genetics



1.     Topics in Plant Breeding

2.     Biotechnology in Crop Improvement

3.     Computers & Population & Biometrical Genetics

4.     Heterosis & its Exploitation



1.     Advanced Genetics

2.     Molecular Basis of Quantitative Inheritance

3.     Genomics,Transcriptomics & Proteomics

4.     Principles & Practices of Seed Production


Examination &Evaluation

(a)   InternalAssessment (written tests, quizzes, term papers, Home Assignments and seminars etc. shall be a continuous process in each semester. Weight- age 50 marks each paper.

(b)    External assessment (Examination at the end of each semester) shall be based on the question papers set by the external examiners and will be of 50 marks each.

One practical course of 200 marks in each semester

Courses offered at Bachelor Degree Programme

This is a 4- year programme. The courses offered in B. Sc. (Ag) Honours include:


First Semester

1.     Elements of Genetics

Second Semester

1.     Elementary of crop physiology

Third Semester

1.     Principal of plant breeding

2.     Environmental Science and Agro-Ecology

Fourth Semester

1.     Breeding of field crops

Fifth Semester

1.     Introduction of Plant Biotechnology

Sixth Semester

1.     Principal of Seed Technology oil seed and commercial crops

Seventh Semester

1.     RAWE-Agric. Botany (field work)


Third Year:

1.     Principles of Genetics

Fourth Year:

1.     Plant Breeding & Crop Systematics

2.     Advanced Plant Breeding (Optional)

3.     Seed Technology (Optional)

# Name Designation Qualification  Specialisation        Phone / Mobile  
1. Dr. V.K. Dwivedi Reader Ph.D Botany, Biometrics, Biotechnology, Plant Breeding, Genetics, Medicinal & Aromatic Plants 91 0120-2616566
2. Dr. Rajesh Kumar Gupta Assistant Professor PhD; NET Qualified Genetics and Plant Breeding 91 9457019679


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