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The prestigious department of horticulture was established in 1949 at (U.G.) level under Agra University, Agra, later on P.G. (S.F.) classes were started from 2004 under C. C. S. University, Meerut. This department has 115 m2 area of agricultural block. This is auspicious semi-urban region and imparting quality education in the field of Horticulture. Research activities are also going on in the department in different areas viz. cultural practices, genetic variability, post-harvest technology etc. of fruits, vegetables and flower crops.

There are two classrooms and labs for M.Sc. previous and final and B.Sc. Ag. Faculty Classes are combined. The department has one lecture rooms and a seminar cum lab room. The department has computer facility for faculty, PG and research students with Wi-Fi Internet connection. There is a back up inverter of 1.0 KVA in case of power breakdown. A central facility of 65 KVA generator present in the college.Other necessary equipment for teaching and research viz. ovens, , microscopes , electronic balances, autoclaves, refractometer, refrigerator,seed germinators, hot plates, juicer-mixer, grinder, sealing machine, sprayers,gas- cylinders, gardening tools etc. are present and regularly used.

Horticultural tours:

Excursions are undertaken to develop the interest of students in field of horticulture and to enrich department with plant materials. These are also part of PG syllabus. The excursions time to time are made to Mughal Garden, Lotus Temple, Farmer Fair, Flower Market at New Delhi. The educational tours to different horticultural Institutions of repute viz.Indian Agriculture Research Institute, Division of Horticulture, Floriculture and Landscaping, Fruit Preservation at New Delhi and other Research Institutions.

Training Programme:-

The department of Horticulture organized every year 15 & 100 days fruits and vegetables preservation training and farming programme for students, farmers and others to generate the small fruit and vegetable industries for self-employment. Under fruit preservation training programme to prepare the some fruit and vegetable products i.e. pickles, chutney, souse, marmalade, canning, jam, jelly, preserve, squash, candy, fruit toffee & butter etc. Fruits, vegetables and flower preservation, they need to resist bed environment and bacteria, keeping quality, reduce losses and prolong their preservation, try to reduce appearance color, weight, taste, aroma so we apply fresh keeping method according to deferent physiological change for developing our country fruit and vegetable industry.

Academic Achievements and Dissertations:

Faculty in the department is actively involved in research, dissertations, training of fruit and vegetable preservation and also regular self-improvement activities through consulting new book, journals and use of internet facilities. All teachers are fully devoted to students. In addition to class teaching, faculties guide the students through tutor-ward system, spare time in department other than time table, and attend all telephonic quarries of the students, dissertation and research work in the department.

Master Degree Programme (M.Sc. Ag.)

This is a four semester programme. M.Sc. Ag. Horticulture Semester-I & Semester-II total number of seats each has 30. The course offered in (M.Sc. Ag.) horticulture include following as:

Semester I:
J-1004:Fundamentals of Bio Statistics and Computer Application
J- 1061: Fundamentals of Vegetable Production
J-1062: Propagation and Nursery Management
J-1063:Fundamentals of Ornamental Gardening :
J- 561 :Practical
Semester II:
J- 1104: Statistical Methods in Agriculture
J- 1161:Production Technology of Vegetables and Spices
J- 1162:Orchard Management
J- 1163 :Production Technology of Ornamental Cropsops
J- 665:Practical
Semester III:
J- 1204: Fundamentals of Fruit Production
J- 1261: Breeding of Vegetables and Ornamental Crops
J- 1262:Fundamentals of Preservation of Horticultural Crops
J- 1263: Post Harvest Technology of Horticultural Crops
J- 765: Practical
Semester IV:
J- 1304:Production of Fruit Crops
J- 1361:Breeding of Fruit Crops
J- 1362:Processing of Fruits and Vegetables
J- 1363:Seed Production Technology of Vegetables and Flowers
J- 865 :Practical

Bachlor Degree Programme (B.Sc. Ag.)
This is a 4-year / 8-semester programme. The courses offered in B.Sc(Ag) include:

Semester I:
Fundamental of Horticulture
Semester III:
Vegetable Production
Semester IV:
Fruit Production including Plantation Crops (ICAR)
Semester V:
Preservation and Post- harvest Management of Fruit and Vegetables (ICAR)
Semester VI:
Ornamental Horticulture
Semester VII:
Rural Agriculture and Field Work Related to Horticulture.
Semester VIII:
Production Technology of Medicinal, Aromatic and Spices Crops (ICAR)
# Name Designation Qualification  Specialisation        Phone / Mobile  
1. Dr. Jogendra Singh Assistant Professor M.Sc (Ag), Ph.D Floriculture 91 9760478520
2. Dr. ANUPAM TIWARI Assistant Professor M.Sc (Ag).,Ph.D., 91 9919440235
3. Dr. Saurabh Kumar Singh Assistant Professor M.Sc (Ag).,Ph.D.,
4. Dr. Mahendra Singh Rathi Assistant Professor (SF) M.Sc (Ag).,Ph.D., Vegetables, Post-harvest Technology 91 8859038793
5. Dr. Anirudh Kumar Sharma Assistant Professor (SF) M.Sc (Ag).,Ph.D., 91 09411026092


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