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The Department of Microbiology was established as UG in 2001 and elevated to PG level in 2005. The department has necessary facilities required to run UG and PG courses.

Classrooms labs and library :

There are separate classrooms and labs for M.Sc. and B.Sc. Classes. The department has two lecture rooms and a seminar cum lecture room. There is a separate departmental library for PG students. It contains 800 volumes.

Computer facility:

The department has computer facility for faculty and PG students with Wi-Fi Internet connection. There is a back up of 7.5 KVA generator in case of power breakdown. A central facility of 65 KVA generator is also present in the college.


Other necessary equipment for teaching and research viz., overhead projector, LCD projector(from central facility),BOD incubator, ovens, sensitive electronic balances, autoclave and centrifuges, laminar airflow, PCR and infrared spectrophotometer etc. are present in microbiology laboratory and regularly used.

Educational Tours:

The educational tours to different laboratories of repute viz. Division of Microbiology, Biotechnology, NBPGR, Division of Plant Pathology, Virology (IARI), AIMS, DRDO New Delhi and several Pharmaceutical Companies in various states have been undertaken.


The department of Microbiology was established as UG in 2001 with Coordinator Dr. J. Mohan Co-Coordinator Dr. B.S.Dahiyaand two faculty members (Dr. Rohini and Miss.Deepa Ruhela). At that time this subject was incorporated as the first in the colleges situated on Delhi-Saharanpur belt. The UG programmme started with meager strength of 45 students which soon increased up to one complete section of 60 students. In the light of good performance of this department its status was elevated to PG in 2005.(Dr. S.K.Sahi and Dr.Mahesh Kumar>were appointed for P. G. department. Later, with the addition of two more faculty members, the total strength of the department became five, ( Dr.S.K.Sahi, Dr. Mahesh Kumar, Dr. Mamta Patra, Dr.Amit Kumar Jainand Dr.Varun Kumar Tomar).

Dr.Amit Kumar Jain left the department and joined as Assistant Regional Director of IGNOU Ahamdabad. Then Dr. Nidhi Sharma joined the department in 2011 as faculty member. At present the department has three faculty members. All the faculty members are highly qualified and are actively engaged in research.

Academic Achievements:

Gold Medals of University:

The PG students of the department have also excelled in academics. The first Gold medal of the university was awarded to Ms. Jaya Mohan in 2007.The trend continued and other who stood first in the university exams and got Gold medal is Km. Richa Tomar in 2008.

NET/CSIR/ICAR-Qualified and JRF/SRF:

Many students who have passed M.Sc. from the department qualified the NET/CSIR/ICAR exams and are working as JRF/SRF in different institution a few of them are listed below—


  1.     Sh.Dhanender Tomar

  2.     Km.Richa Tomar

Courses offered by the department


The department offers M.Sc. Degree in Microbiology of the CCS University Meerut. The university conducts semester wise examinations.There are four courses in each semester and in total >16 courses are offered to complete the M.Sc. degree in four semesters. There are 30 seats available in M.Sc. Microbiology and admissions are done on the merit basis.

List of papers offered (semester wise)


      1.        Course I:- Techniques in Microbiology

      2.        Course II:- General Microbiology and Bacteriology

      3.        Course III:- Virology

      4.        Course IV:- Phycology, Mycology &Protozoology

      5.        Practicals: Based on papers I–IV


      1.        Course V:- Nutrition, Growth &Metabolism

      2.        Course VI:- Molecular Biology

      3.        Course VII:- Microbial Biochemistry

      4.        Course VIII:- Biostatistics &Bioinformatics

      5.        Practicals: Based on papers VI–VIII


      1.        Course IX:- Medical Microbiology

      2.        Course X:- Immunology and Clinical Microbiology

      3.        Course XI:- Agricultural Microbiology

      4.        Course XII:- Industrial Microbiology

      5.        Practicals: Based on papers IX–XII


      1.        Course XIII:- Environmental Microbiology

      2.        Course XIV:- Genetic Engineering

      3.        Course XV:- Microbial Genetics

      4.        Course XVI :- Food, Feed & Dairy Microbiology

      5.        Practicals: Based on papers XIII–XVI


At UG level three years B.Sc. Degree with Industrial Microbiology, Botany and Chemistry are available. At UG entry one section of minimum 60 students are present. The department admits students on the basis of merit. The admission rules of the university and the reservation rules of the U.P.Govt. are strictly followed.

List of papers (Year wise)

B.Sc.(Industrial Microbiology)

B.Sc.I Year

      1.        Course I:-Fundamentals of Microbiology

      2.        Course II:-Microbial Physiology and Biochemistry

      3.        Course III:- Tools and Techniques in Microbiology

      4.        Practicals:- Based on papers I-III

B.Sc.II Year

      1.        Course IV:- Microbial Genetics and Molecular Biology

      2.        Course V:- Environmental Microbiology

      3.        Course VI:- Computers, Bioinformatics and Biostats

      4.        Practicals:- Based on papers IV-VI

B.Sc.III Year

              Course VII:- Immunology and Medical Microbiology

      2.        Course VIII:- Agriculture and Food Microbiology

      3.        Course IX:- Industrial Microbiology

      4.        Practicals:- Based on papers VII-IX

      Project Report

# Name Designation Qualification  Specialisation        Phone / Mobile  
1. Dr. Mahesh Kumar Assistant Professor MSc, M.Phil, Ph.D Medical Microbiology, Virology, Immunology, Microbial Enzymology, Biocontrol 91 9634678300
2. Dr. V.K. Tomer Lecturer (S.F) M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D Virology, Molecular Plant Pathology 91 01234-260218
91 9917110605
3. DR. REENA PANWAR Assistant Professor Para nodulation in Wheat, Nitrogen Fixation, Medical Microbiology 91 7906902084


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