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The Department of Botany was established as UG in 1958 and elevated to PG level in 1964.The department has necessary facilities required to run UG and PG courses.

Classrooms labs and library :

There are separate classrooms and labs for M.Sc. previous and final and B.Sc. Classes. The department has two lecture rooms and a seminar cum lecture room. There is a separate departmental library for PG students. It contains 1700 volumes and journals.

Computer facility:

The department has computer facility for faculty, PG and research students with Wi-Fi Internet connection. There is a back up inverter of 3.5 KVA and a 7.5 KVA generator in case of power breakdown. A central facility of 65 KVA generator is also present in the college.


Other necessary equipment for teaching and research viz. overhead projector, LCD projector( from central facility) , spectrophotometer, BOD incubator, ovens, micro photographic attachments, trinocular and binocular research microscopes , sensitive electronic balances, autoclaves and centrifuges etc. are present and regularly used. For microbial and biotechnological experiments, facilities such as laminar airflow, PCR and infrared spectrophotometer etc are available in subsidiary microbiology laboratory.

Botanical excursions and tours:

Excursions are undertaken to develop the interest of students in field botany and to enrich department with plant materials. These are also part of PG syllabus. From time to time the excursions are made to J&K, Nainital, Darjeeling, Mussorie, Dehradun, Hastinapur forests and nearby areas.

The educational tours to different laboratories of repute viz. Division of Biotechnology, NBPGR, Division of Plant Pathology, Pt. Physiology, Virology (IARI) and DRDO, New Delhi have been undertaken.


The department of Botany was established as UG in 1958 with three faculty members (Dr. B. P. Pandey, Dr. V.P. Singh and Dr. J. P. Singh). At the time this subject was incorporated as the first in the colleges situated on Delhi - Saharanpur belt. The UG programmme started with meager strength of 15 students which soon flourished enormously up to four sections. In the light of extraordinary performance of this department its status was elevated to PG in 1964-65. Dr. A.S. Bhatnagar was appointed as founder Reader and Head of the department. Later, with the addition of two more faculty members, the total strength of the department became five, (Dr. A. S. Bhatangar, Sh.B. P. Pandey, Dr. J. P. Singh, Sh.M. S. Chaudhary and Sh. C.S. Chaudhary). In the mean time there were eight sections with the growing strength of the students, two more faculty members Dr. J Mohan and Dr. Sudhir kumar were appointed and total faculty was raised to seven.

In 1971 faculty strength raised to nine with the addition of Dr. Vijender Singh & Dr. S.N. Shukla with the proportionate increasing graph of the students. Dr. Baljit Singh joined as faculty in 1973. Dr. Vijender Singh and Dr. S.N. Shukla left the department and joined as Assistant Director of BSI and scientist in IARI respectively. Then Dr. Surendra Pal Singh and Dr. Ashok Kumar Sharma joined the department in 1975. In 1978 Mr. K.P. Raghuvanshi joined the department and left the department in 1980 to join IPS, then Mr. Yashpal Singh joined the department and he was also selected in IAS in1982. In 1983 Dr. Rajeshwari Sharma became the 10th faculty member of the department. In 2000 Mr. Sunil Kumar Dhiman came to the department after retirement of Sh.M.S Chaudhary, thereafter he joined in Kirorimal College (Univ. of Delhi) in 2002. This department encouraged the faculty member to join new horizons. Mr. Sheesh Pal Singh joined the department in 2001 and Mr. Sanjay Kumar in 2005 as faculty members. At present the department has eight permanent faculty and two members on fixed honorarium. All the faculty members are highly qualified and are actively engaged in research.

As per tradition of the department Dr. A.S. Bhatnagar (Head of Deptt.) joined as principal at I.P College Bulendshar then Dr. B.P. Pandey took over as HOD from 1973 to 1995. After that Dr. Jai Pal Singh acted as HOD 1995 to 1997, Sh. C.S. chaudhary 1997 to 2002 and Dr. J. Mohan 2002 to 2011 and at present Dr. Sudhir Kumar is working as HOD.This department is a permanent grooming ground for the talent.

Dr. B.P. Pandey is well known for his subject books throughout the country. His books on Internal Morphology and Economic Botany are of international stature. The other faculty members viz. Dr. J. Mohan, Dr. Baljit Singh, Dr. A.K. Sharma and Dr. Rajeshwari Sharma have also written illustrative and comprehensive books on the subject.

The faculties from the department are well represented in apex bodies of the university from time to time. Dr. J.P. Singh, Dr. J. Mohan and Dr. Sudhir Kumar acted as convener of Research Degree Committee responsible for monitoring Ph.D degree of the university. All of them also had been convener of Board of Studies of the university framing UG and PG syllabi. Dr. B.P. Pandey and Dr. Baljit Singh had been member of university Board of Studies. Dr. J. Mohan and Dr. Sudhir Kumar are also member of university Academic Council. Dr. Sudhir Kumar is member of university Executive Council at present. .

Master Degree Programme (M.Sc)
This is a four semester program. The courses offered in M.Sc Botany include:

Semester I:
Course I/ H1001 Angiosperm Taxonomy, Plant Resources and Utilization
Course II/ H1002 Biology and Diversity of Viruses and Bacteria
Course III/ H1003 Biology and Diversity of Algae and Bryophytes
Course IV/ H1004 Biology and Diversity of Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms and Palaeobotany :
Practical -I (H1005)(4 Hours) Based on Courses I-IV
Semester II:
Course V/ H 2001 Fungal Biodiversity and Elementary Plant Pathology
Course VI/ H 2002 Cell and Molecular Biology
Course VII/ H2003 Genetics, Cytogenetics and Plant breeding
Course VIII/H2004 Anatomy and Reproduction in Angiosperms
Practical II (H2005) (4 Hours) Based on Courses V-VIII l
Semester III:
Course IX/ H3001 Plant-Soil-Water relations; Growth and Development
Course X/H3002 Phytochemistry and Metabolism
Course XI/H3003 Plant Ecology and Phytogeography
Course XII/H3004 Elementary Biotechnology
Practical III (H3005) (4 Hours) Based on theory courses IX-XII
Semester IV:
Compulsory Course:
Course XIII/H4001 Modern Phytotechniques and Biostatistics
Course XIV/H4002 Biodiversity conservation and Plant Resources
Elective Course:
Course XV /H4003 Recombinant DNA technology
Course XVI /H4004 Plant Tissue Culture
Course XVII /H4005 Microbial Biotechnology
Course XVIII /H4006 Environmental Biotechnology
Course XIX /H4007 Stress Physiology of Plants
Course XX /H4008 Applied Plant Physiology
Course XXI /H4009 Diversity in Plants, their origin and evolution
Course XXII /H4010 Elementary Computer Knowledge and Bioinformatics
Course XXIII/H4011 Plant Pathology
Practical IV (H4012)(4 Hours) Based on theory courses XIII-XIV and two out of XV-XXIII
Examination & Evaluation
(a) Internal assessment (written tests, quizzes, term papers, home assignments and seminars etc)shall be a continuous process in each semester. weightage 50 marks each paper
(b) External assessment (Examination at the end of each semester) shall be based on the question papers set by the external examiners and will be of 50 marks each
One practical course of 100 marks in each semester

Bachelor Degree Programme (B.Sc)
This is a 3-year programme. The courses offered in B.Sc Botany include:
First Year:
Paper I : Diversity of Viruses, Bacteria , Fungi& Pathology
Paper II : Diversity of Algae, Lichens, & Bryophytes
Paper III Diversity of Pteridophytes & Gymnosperms
Practicals based on papers I III
Second Year:
Paper I :Diversity of Angiosperms: Systematics, Development & Reproduction
Paper II : Cytology, Genetics, Evolution & Ecology
Paper III : Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
Practicals based on papers I III
Third Year:
Paper 1 :Plant resource utilization, Palynology and Biostatistics
Paper II : Molecular biology & biotechnology
Paper III : Environment Botany
Practicals based on papers I III

As on date, 74 Ph.D degrees have been awarded from this department. Currently, 25 students are working as research scholars in the different fields of Botany including Taxonomy, Virology, Physiology, Ecology, Environment Studies etc. The department has undertaken many projects in various fields with the grants provided by agencies like Indian Council of Agriculture and Research (ICAR), University Grants Commission (UGC), Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), and Department of Science and Technology (DST) among others.

The department has successfully completed the following research projects:

  • Lab to Land Investigations on Garlic Mosaic Virus on Growth Productivity and Phytopathological Physiology of Garlic: Sponsored by Council of Science and Technology, UP. Principal Investigators - Dr. A.K. Sharma, Dr. Jitendra Mohan

  • Identification and Epidemiology of Viruses Affecting Oil Seed Crops of Western UP with special reference to Mustard and Sunflower Mosaic: Sponsored by ICAR, Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi. Principal Investigator - Dr. Jitendra Mohan

  • Studies on Winged Bean Psophocarpus tetragonolobus (L) Mosaic Virus: Sponsored by UGC, Bahadurshah Jafar Marg, New Delhi. Principal Investigator - Dr. Jitendra Mohan

  • Nitrogen and Carbon Metabolism under Moisture, Stress in Wheat Triticum aestivum: Sponsored by CSIR, New Delhi. Principal Investigator - Dr. Jitendra Mohan

  • Syllabus for M.Sc and B.Sc can be seen on

    # Name Designation Qualification  Specialisation        Phone / Mobile  
    1. Dr. Baljeet Singh Reader M.Sc(Gold Medalist), M.Phil,Ph.D Taxonomy , Microbiology and Bio Technology 91 01234-252268
    91 9359065959
    2. Dr. Surendra Pal Singh Reader Ph.D Plant Physiology and Taxonomy 91 01234-267476
    91 9411446461
    3. Dr. A.K. Sharma Reader Ph.D ; FBS Anatomy, Morphology, Mycology, Microbiology, Ecology and Biodiversity 91 01234-262575
    91 9412830226
    4. Dr. Rajeshwari Sharma Reader M.Phil.; Ph.D. Anatomy, Taxonomy, Morphology and Embryology 91 01234-262575
    91 9837739099
    5. Dr. Sheesh Pal Singh Sr.Lecturer M.Sc ; Ph.D ; FLS (London) Genetics & Plant Breeding and Bioinformatics 91 01234-210315
    91 9456687309
    6. Shri Sanjay Kumar Lecturer M.Phil; FLS (London) Genetic Engg. & Plant Tissue Culture 91 9412525808
    7. Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma Assistant Professor Ph.D Plant Physiology 91 9457700488
    8. Dr. Indu Assistant Professor Ph.D Cytogenetics 91 9999090251

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