The Following IQAC Committee has been setup for teh academic year 2021-2022 as per the NAAC guidelines.
1. Chair PersonsDr. Ravinder Kumar
2. Member from Managment
3. Teachers to Represent all Levels
Dr. Shyam Kishor
Dr. Rajesh Gupta
Dr. Rashmi Nagam
Dr. Amit Panday
Dr. Rajesh Rathi
Dr. Saurabh Kumar Singh
Dr. Mukesh Kumar
Dr. Anupam Tiwari
Dr. Rajaram Yadav
Dr. Vipin Kumar
4. Administrative Office
5.Nominee from Local Society Trust
6. Nominee from Alumini
7. Nominee from Employer
8. Nominee from Industrialist
9.Nominee from Stakeholders
10. Nominee from Students
11.Co-Ordinator Dr. Arun Solanki