Jat Shiksha Sabha is a registered society established on 27 October 1920. It was previously known as “Jat Vedic High School Society”. At present the Sabha has 22,000 (approximate) life members and it is managing and maintaining the following three educational institutions at Baraut:
1. Janta Vedic College, Baraut
2. Janta Vedic Inter College, Baraut
3. Industrial Training Institute, Baraut
The managing committee of these educational institutes is elected for a five-year term but it continues to work till the reconstitution of the committee.
The sabha arranges funds for the development of the three educational institutions managed and maintained by it. It has a marketing complex comprising 210 shops and the amount collected as rent from the shops is spent on funding the development projects of these educational institutions. At present the managing committee of Jat Shiksha Sabha has the following persons as office bearers and members:

1.Shri Virendra Pal SinghPresident
2.Shri Budh SinghVice President
2.Shri Yogendra Singh SolankiSecretary
4.Shri Sheodan TomarJt. Secretary
6.Shri Narendra SinghFounder Member
7.Dr. Raj Pal SinghFounder Member
8.Shri Satendra Pal SinghMember
9.Shri Devendra SighMember
10.Shri Veer Pal SinghMember
11.Shri Krishan Pal SinghMember
12.Shri Viresh TomarMember
13.Shri Harveer SinghAuditor
14.Shri Yetendra KumarAuditor